Deep Level of Healing, Defined Direction

Divine Destiny Day is a VIP Day Focused on Your Soul Purpose - YOU and Your Mission Here on the Planet.

We will scope and sequence a Soulprint for you to follow. This will support you in aiming for your complete bliss, total abundance, and open happiness!

Communicate with Archangels & Ascended Masters

  • Receive Divine Guidance
  • Receive Vision of Your Life Purpose & Divine Mission
  • You will be Given Tools to Enhance Your Journey
  • Support to Have Clarity
  • Identify Blocks and Barriers
  • Deep Level of Healing
  • Defined & Clear Direction
  • Structure & Strategy
  • Move Forward with Your Life Purpose & Divine Destiny in Mind

This is a very special experience!

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We will be holding space for you and your Divine Purpose.
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Why Dive in with a Divine Destiny Day?


  • The clarity to step forward in your chosen directions.
  • Create your own realities with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
  • Align with vibrations of growth, expansion, the principles of increase, and sensitivity.
  • Focus on the Divine spark within yourself and assist with manifesting your desires.
  • The Masters help you to find peace, self-expression, creativity, joy, and optimism.
  • Angels support your faith, trust, and pursuit of your Divine life purpose and soul mission
  • Gain faith and trust in yourself and your personal abilities.
  • Step in the direction you desire with confidence and optimism.
  • Believe that you will find success and fulfillment
  • Express your truths with confidence and communicate with others on a spiritual level.
  • You will be ready for new beneficial opportunities
  • You will not doubt yourself or the power of the angels.
  • You will not be afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Ascended Masters and your angels are encouraging and supporting you in your quest to find success, balance, and harmony in your life.

It is a message from your angels and the Ascended Masters that you can call on them to stay spiritually connected and centered.

Faith creates miracles to happen in your life.

Stay optimistic about your future and destiny, and give any concerns, fears, and worries to the angels for healing and transmutation.

Using positive affirmations, maintaining a positive attitude, and focusing on a successful and fulfilling future will manifest your wishes, wants, and desires into your life

Your Divine Destiny Day Agenda

Pre Vip Day Phone Call: 15-minute session. We get to know each other! Define direction and feel the angle of our sessions together. Answer any immediate VIP day or clarity questions.

Angel Enlightenment Session:

Your Archangel Enlightenment Session will be conducted prior to your Divine Destiny Day experience. This reading is focused on your mission and spiritual purpose.

I will share the Archangel communications and messages with you during Call 1.

Call 1: Welcome to Your Divine Destiny Day!

Opening Meditation and Prayer: Challenge/ You are the Vehicle

Pele Activation

Your Astrology & Numerology

Your Psychic Assessment: Your Spiritual Purpose

Your Job, Career, Business

Relationships & Love Life

Connect with Your Guides and Ancestors

Your Specific Spirit Animals, Gems Essential oils

Your Questions & Focus Outlined

Angel Communication Session Discussion with Q&A

Archangel Michael Cuts Cords to Toxic Relationships and Negative People

Begin to Let Go and Lose Control- Archangel Michael (Throat Chakra)

Raising Your Vibration to Actively Live Your Purpose

Claim Who You Are Meant To Be! Live Out Loud.

Passion Excercise

Candle Cord Cutting Ceremony

Break: 30 minutes

Call 2:

Ground Meditation: Taking us into your KaSoul <Castle>

(The Kingdom is inside)

Psychic Assessment: Keeping You High Vibration Chakra Scan

Energy Work: Remove "Gremlins", Balance & Re-align the Chakras

Passion Excercise- Focus on lower chakras

Heal Mother & Father Wounds

Take You into Samadhi Spiritual Exercises

Mudras for the Heart

Pathway to the Soul with Archangel Haniel

Working with Scents, Fragrances

Alignment with Angels & Saints

Remove Trials & Faux Pas <History>

Saint Olivia Divine Guidance

Ka: Getting into the Soul Energy

Questions Posed

Divine Tarot/Oracle

Establishing Alignment in Now

Maintaining Radiant Spiritual & Physical Health

Questions & Answers

Your Amulet for Heart, Health Protection

Setting the Energy for Your Sacred Space

Brighten Your Life Exercise

Break: 30 minutes

Call 3:

Brighten Your Life Exercise

Psychic Assessment: Examine History, Past Life, Here & Now Traumas.

Remove Energetic Programming & Patterns

Remove Abuse, Suffering & Neglect

Reprogram Negative Beliefs

Traumas and Attachments Removed

Grandmother's Speak

Heal Divine Mother Entanglement

Heal Your Attitude

Become a Daughter or Son of the Universe

Give Up Your Role, Stop Fighting, Live No Despair

Affirmation, Divine Mantras, Prayer & Pose with Archangel Raphael

Divine Tarot/Oracle

Tools to Support You in the NOW

Setting Forward Motion

Outline for Your Soul Purpose Divine Destiny- Tune into Your Higher Chakras

Psychic Assessment: Seeing & Moving You Forward

Your Job, Career, Business Tools, and Ideas

Relationships & Love Life Support and Seeing

Destiny Guided Activation to Abundance, Bliss & Prosperity

Come to Your Highest Senses with Archangel Azrael

Psychic Assessment: Finances, Travel, Relocation, Life & Love

Aim for Complete Bliss and Clarity! Clear with God, Divine Source, Emmanuel.

You are Divine Source Equipped

The Magic is YOU. Open to Receive Abundance

Post-VIP Day Call: 15-minute session to strengthen your muscles and check in with you on your path to abundance. Setting you up for your quantum leap to abundance and discussion of support forward.

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Add 6 months of continuous abundance coaching, chakra clearing, and reading sessions to help you grow!

Break your cycles! Stick to your plan of action! Let Sunflower continue to be your coach and cheerleader on your journey.

3 abundance psychic mentor coaching sessions per month! ONLY $450 each month! Billed monthly.