Healing & Defined Direction

Your Mini Destiny Day is a VIP Day Focused on Your Purpose - YOU and Your Mission.

  • Communicate with Archangels
  • Receive Guidance
  • Receive Vision of Your Life Purpose
  • You will be Given Tools to Enhance Your Journey
  • Support to Have Clarity
  • Identify & Heal Blocks and Barriers
  • Defined Direction
  • Structure & Strategy
  • Move Forward with Your Life Purpose & Divine Destiny in Mind

This is a very special experience!

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We will be holding space for you and your Divine Purpose.
Your Mini VIP Experience Will be Conducted by Phone or Zoom.

Why Dive in with a Mini Destiny Day?


  • The clarity to step forward in your chosen directions.
  • Create your own realities with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
  • Align with vibrations of growth, expansion, the principles of increase, and sensitivity.
  • Focus on the Divine spark within yourself and assist with manifesting your desires.
  • The Masters help you to find peace, self-expression, creativity, joy, and optimism.
  • Angels support your faith, trust, and pursuit of your Divine life purpose and soul mission
  • Gain faith and trust in yourself and your personal abilities.
  • Step in the direction you desire with confidence and optimism.
  • Believe that you will find success and fulfillment
  • Express your truths with confidence and communicate with others on a spiritual level.
  • You will be ready for new beneficial opportunities
  • You will not doubt yourself or the power of the angels.
  • You will not afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Ascended Masters and your Angels are encouraging and supporting you in your quest to find success, balance, and harmony in your life.

It is a message from your Angels and the Ascended Masters that you can call on them to stay spiritually connected and centered.

Faith creates miracles to happen in your life.

Stay optimistic about your future and destiny, and give any concerns, fears, and worries to the angels for healing and transmutation.

Using positive affirmations, maintaining a positive attitude, and focusing on a successful and fulfilling future will manifest your wishes, wants, and desires into your life

Your Mini Destiny Day Agenda

Call 1: 2 hours

Welcome to Your Mini Destiny Day!

Opening Meditation and Prayer

Your Spiritual Purpose

Past Lives & Karma

Unblocking Energy

Your Questions & Focus Outlined

Angel Communication Session Discussion with Q&A

Establishing Alignment in Now

Working Break: 45 Minutes -

Brighten Your Life Worksheet

Call 2: 2 hours


Brighten Your Life Exercise

Questions Posed

Divine Tarot/Oracle

Health & Wellness


Setting Forward Motion

Outline for Your Soul Purpose Divine Destiny

Raising Your Vibration-Live Your Purpose

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