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April 29th&30 on Zoom!


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This is my gift on this journey, to be a support, light & guide.

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About Sunflower

Master Energy Intuitive & Metaphysical Minister, Sunflower Tara, with a bright mind, compassionate heart, and warm soul has been conducting Intuitive Readings & Angel Tarot Sessions for 32 years. She is a trusted psychic professional & certified life coach. Sunflower has been coaching and mentoring for 22 years.

During her career, Sunflower has worked intimately with women and their families as a childbirth & women's sexual health educator.

Sunflower has dedicated many years to enhancing her natural gift and divine connection as an intuitive lead. She connects to the divine and cosmic realms, to engage with the energy wheels of life to reach the angelic realms and gently guides you through the journey in your spiritual sessions.

Every session is magical! Divining and delving into you, your soul's blueprint, your essence, your energetic field. Archetypal Energy, Akashic Records, scents, sounds, your own natural wonder, messages from the divine spiritual realm, Angel Guides, Ascended Masters, animal spirit energy, and crystal magic energy!

Welcome to the Astral! We greet you with smiles!

Sunflower works deeply with Heavenly Father, Divine Mother Earth energy, Jesus & the power of the Sun.

Sunflower realizes her purpose is to deliver this gift to the people of earth to the people who desire it.

Sunflower is an advocate for natural healing, herbal remedies, and essential oils. She believes very strongly in their potency and power. Essential Oils are Mother Nature's gift to the human being. Sunflower wishes to help deliver this gift to the people of the Earth.

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You are about to enter a world you never thought was even possible to create.

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